Whoever Note Terms of service

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1.First of all

Application for iPhone “Whoever Note” (hereinafter “this application”) is provided by Yumiko Haraguchi (“this application developer”). Apple Inc. and Apple Japan Inc. (Apple Japan KK) are not sponsors of this application and have nothing to do with this application at all. When you use this application, it is deemed to have agreed to this agreement. Upon installing and launching this application by you, the use agreement of this application that contains this agreement will be concluded.

2. Service contents in this application

This application is intended to save memos. If you are 13 years old or older and under 20 years old, you must always confirm this agreement with your parent or guardian, understand this policy to the customer, your parent or guardian It is necessary to receive it.

3. Usage fee, communication fee

This application is offered for free, no usage fee will be charged. However, when using the share function or moving to the link in the application, separate communication fee may be generated. The customer shall be responsible for such expenses.

4. Acquisition of Information

When using this application this application developer never acquires customer information or memo. However, due to advertisement distribution, advertisement distribution provider may acquire terminal information.

5. About advertisement

(1) Advertisements are displayed in this application.

(2) This application developers understand the truth about all the information related to the contents of the advertisement on this application (hereinafter referred to as “book advertisement”), the link destination of this advertisement and the merchandise introduced by this advertisement We do not guarantee anything about sex, completeness, no defects, safety (including, but not limited to, computer viruses not including illegal programs etc) and legality etc.

(3) Even if you suffer any damage by accessing this advertisement, this application developer will not bear any responsibility for such damage.

6. Copyright

Any rights such as copyrights of programs, sentences, layouts, images and so on constituting the contents of this application belong to third party who granted permission by this application developer or this application developer.

7. Disclaimer

(1) Please use this application at your own risk.

(2) This application developer is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer by using this application.

(3) Even if this application owned by you is used by a third party, we consider that use is based on legitimate authority. This application developer is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer due to unauthorized use of this application.

(4) This application developer will not guarantee that no bugs, defects or obstacles will occur in this application.

(5) This application developer is not involved in the use of this application by the customer.

Even if a dispute arises between you and a third party due to the use of this application, the dispute shall be solved with the customer or a third party, and this application developer will be responsible for the dispute I do not.

8. Prohibited items

(1) When using this application, it is prohibited to do the following items.

A.Actions that give disadvantages, damages, etc. to other customers, this application developer, or a third party and acts that might be feared

B. Acts of copying, editing, changing, selling, distributing, and publicly transmitting images, sounds, data, programs, etc. on this application

C. Acts contrary to laws and ordinances, public order and morality, or acts that may be feared to occur

D. Other acts that the application developer deems inappropriate

(2) In the event that the application developers, other customers or third parties suffered damage by the customer performing the prohibited act prescribed in this section, the customer must compensate the damage.

9. Non-compliance with regulations

(1) When using this application, if you can not comply with these terms, you may take measures such as suspension of use of this application, suspension or termination of customer qualification .

(2) In the event that the application developer determines that the customer has violated this usage agreement, the information pertaining to the customer is shared by this application developer and those concerned with this application developer, and this application developer and this application We can assume that similar service contract violation occurred in other services offered by stakeholders of developers.While the disadvantage arising in the customer due to such measures being taken into consideration Application developers are not responsible at all.

10. Change of terms

This application developer may change various terms of service, terms of service or service contents of this application without prior notice to customers. Customers should always check the terms of use. If you use this application after changing this agreement, we assume that you accepted the changed terms.

11. End of this application

If this application developer decides that it is necessary, this application developer can terminate the provision of this application without notifying the customer. This application developer assumes no responsibility for damage caused to customers due to termination of service.

12. Governing law and competent court

These Terms shall be construed in accordance with Japanese law and interpreted from Japanese law. In the event that any doubt or dispute arises with this customer concerning this application or this Terms of Use, we will discuss with sincerity, but if it still does not solve it, For all disputes arising with application developers, the Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdictional court.


This agreement will be terminated by the user uninstalling this application.

14. Survival provision

Even in the case of termination of this Agreement, the validity of Article 5 through Article 8, Article 9, Article 11 through Article 16 and this Article shall survive effectively.

Established February 2, 2017

Yumiko Haraguchi